The Planets: Mercury [1 of 8] Playing Cards

Created by David Goldklang

A deck of Stellar Playing Cards — Vanda Artists Series designed by Srdjan Vidakovic.

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$72,307.00 / 913 backers
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$1,986.00 / 650 backers

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200% funded! + LE decks mostly claimed
11 months ago – Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 10:23:37 PM

We're now 3 days into the campaign and just hit 200% funding—woohoo! Thank you all for your support in helping make this awesome series a reality.

The Mercury Limited Edition decks are almost gone except for a few spots at the 2 LE + 12 SE tier. As I've noted elsewhere, I am reserving 30 LE sets that will be available during the final campaign of the series but they will go fast. 

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And please SHARE SHARE SHARE! Tell your friends and family and post on your social media accounts about this cool project. The more backers we can pull in, the more cool stuff we'll be able to offer as part of the rest of the series.

Thanks! -David